Data Quality and Integration

Data quality and integration is integral to your data analytics

Attain the full potential of your organization’s data with exceptional functionality for data integration, quality, and cleansing. ​

Streamline processes, maximize efficiency, and transform your data into a trusted and ever ready resource for business insights.

Some key capabilities

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    Data Integration

    Access data of any size – structured or unstructured – from any source,  gain contextual insight, and accomplish the true value of your operational, analytical, machine-generated, geographic data or any related critical data in the cloud, on-premise or within Big-Data

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    Data Quality

    Increase your operational efficiency and make exceeding decisions from business data by standardizing, correcting, and matching data to reduce duplicates, identify relationships, and correct quality issues proactively

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    Data Cleansing

    Prepare standardized data sets and achieve accurate analysis using relevant information for business intelligence reporting requirements​

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    Data Profiling

    Built-in native connectors that lets you meet high-volume data needs by combining all your enterprise data sources and targets (SAP & non-SAP) for easy access and business reporting

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    Native-text data processing

    Unlock meaning from unstructured text data to increase business insight

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    Advance Analytics

    Enhance your business data by migrating, integrating, cleansing, and processing data into SAP HANA with SAP HANA smart data integration and SAP HANA smart data quality software