Turn your Data into Insight


SAP BW/4HANA, the new and future Data Warehousing platform allowing you to connect to and collect data from any data warehouse in realtime. This next-generation data warehouse is built entirely on the advanced in-memory platform, SAP HANA. It affords superior data modelling, governance, high-performance solution development, a modern user experience (UX), and incredible flexibility.
It is less complex to support and provides a quicker adoption of new features compared to the versions before it. BW/4HANA allows you to leverage huge amounts of data – SAP application data, third-party data, unstructured data, Geo-spatial data, Hadoop data, and more – live and in the moment.
It only runs on SAP’s in-memory database, SAP HANA; therefore there is no longer a need to implement code which supports each and every database platform and it can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.
Further simplification was achieved by updating older code to modern standards. Henceforth, innovations will start on the BW/4HANA platform.

According to SAP, these are some advantages:

  • Dramatically improve performance for data loading, querying, analysis, staging, and planning processes
  • Simplify data modeling using a modern user interface, ADSO, and CompositeProvider
  • Accelerate solution development with simplified object models and SQL support
  • Use multi-temperature storage options to optimize data management, improve data query response time, and lower TCO
  • Simplify your data warehouse architecture and free up more time for line-of-business requirements
  • Integrate SAP and non-SAP applications and data into one logical data warehouse – for a single version of the truth
  • Easily handle growing volumes of data and new business opportunities, now and in the future
  • Take advantage of simple, open, and flexible data warehousing tools – on premise or in the cloud.

S/4HANA Analytics

S/4HANA Analytics: The What ???

Embedded Analytical Features integrated in SAP S/4HANA (ERP System built on HANA platform) that enables users to perform real time analytics on live transaction data. 

Standard delivery features that does not require a separate installation or implementation or any other licenses. It can also be integrated with Business Warehouse, BW Query, BusinessObjects, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), Lumira, and any other SAP or non-SAP reporting/analytics tools.

It comes with forecasting capabilities that allow users to predict, simulate, and perform what-if analyses. Users can perform and answer ad-hoc questions and find insights into regular day-to-day business operations that otherwise would have required highly paid data scientists.

With real-time analytics abilities, business users or IT team can analyze large transaction data –  whether in millions or simply large numbers – on the fly.

The Why ???

Analytics on business data has gone beyond reporting and dash-boarding. These days, organizations are looking for a more expansive suite of capabilities from interactive visualization and discovery, to data preparation, and even predictive analytics so as to stay ahead of competition. 

With the right information, decision makers can predict, decide where, when and how to invest with a clear focus. Sales and marketing gets real time access to scenarios that will help in engaging and integrating the market better and more confidently. 

Enterprises implementing embedded analytics are seeing ROI based on greater adoption, self-service, and engagement. It has provided  an avenue for finding and acting on opportunities.


The flagship of SAP. Gain the power of real-time enterprise and predictive analytics with SAP HANA. Replace existing databases, implement servers built for in-memory computing, and transition without disruption. Deployable either on premise, cloud, or as an Hybrid, start accelerating your business processes, deliver greater business intelligence, and bring simplicity to your IT department with HANA. As the basis of all your data necessities, SAP HANA removes redundancies, the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems, so you can run live and make better business decisions in the new digital economy.

Advantages of HANA: 

  • Simplified Complexity: run all your transaction and analytical data on a single database; reduce data redundancy, footprint, hardware, and IT operations.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): organizations are increasing innovations, gaining up-to 575% ROI over five-year period by moving to SAP HANA.
  • Data Modeling: With unified modeling, enrich business data with geographical information to answer a new set of business questions.
  • Real time data:  Avoid unnecessary data transfers. You do not have to make today’s decision based on yesterday’s data.
  • Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics capabilities in SAP HANA enables data scientists and application developers to build, train, and manage machine learning models, where data is persisted.
  • Streaming Data Processing: capture, analyze, and act on live streaming events from many different sources.  Identify emerging threats and opportunities as they happen, and respond immediately.
  • Spatial Data: Process and analyze enormous size of spatial data in real-time to reveal new patterns and trend.
  • Text Analysis: Perform text analysis, text mining, and search to discover new insights from unstructured documents.


The most important purpose of a data warehouse is to satisfy the needs of the business; making your organization’s information easy to access and analyze. This information must be reliable and adaptive to changes for future needs. Two evolvements are certain: technological and business developments. To remain successful, a data warehouse needs to be able to respond quickly to changing business requirements. And with business goals been paramount as we believe, your data warehouse, when properly configured, should allow you to take advantage of these developments so as to gain unrivaled advantage in the marketplace.

Stability, consistency, reliability, trustworthiness; these and many more are the words used to describe SAP Business Warehouse (BW) amongst Enterprise Data Warehousing systems over the years. SAP BW offers a complete tool set for management of data quality, frequent load processes and providing a stable reporting platform.

With SAP BW on HANA (BWoH), the basis to Business Intelligence and SAP’s flagship solution for Enterprise Data Warehousing, you gain fast access to data from many different sources in a uniformed way. It provides a rich framework for building the persistent layer of your Data Warehouse. In addition, BWoH offers many capabilities to integrate data from local and external sources using virtual models. The ability to use physical and virtual modelling together enables you to build a robust and consistent data warehouse, which is easy to adapt and extend as your business needs grows.